It’s a boy!

Last weekend my friend Leslie (see maternity pics in last post) went into labor on Friday. I was so excited to be on the “call” list to know when she went in to the hospital. Well, she wasn’t far along, but at the hospital nonetheless. Weather here has been crazy so to send a pregnant woman home even remotely in labor I’m sure was not the wisest of ideas so they kept her there. Things where progressing pretty well until around 9ish. Still no baby! Now keep in mind baby was a week early and they had a strong suspicion the baby was going to come early anyways, so all this didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Leslie stayed in good spirits the whole way through and we were all hoping for an 11-11-11 baby. However, baby had decided he’d stay and torture mama for a bit longer. 24 hours later he finally decided to make his appearance! I wasn’t able to get there over the weekend due to some other issues that came up, but had to be there on Monday anyways so I went to go see them for just a little bit before they were discharged. Here’s a quick picture of baby Blake! Oh, and to top it off…the 10 lb baby they thought they were going to have didn’t happen. He was only 6 lbs 14 oz! He’s so cute and little and has the prettiest complexion I’ve ever seen on a baby! Can’t wait to do his newborn pics this weekend, I got a couple sneak peek shots but for some reason the computer gods hate me today and won’t let me upload them so you’ll just have to wait till next week!


About Photographer Kristie Lent

I am a freelance photographer in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in nature and outdoor photography. I love focusing on flowers and I have recently taken up Macro photography as a new interest.

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