Northern Lights!

This past Tuesday there was a major solar flare. Even though there have been quite a few over this past year or two, this one was HUGE! What does this mean for us in Alaska? A great showing of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. Now this doesn’t mean that those of us in Alaska get an automatic viewing of this spectacular display of lights. Many factors, one of which includes cloud cover is often will make or break being able to see them. Living in Anchorage, we usually get that stupid cloud cover most of the time, even when there is a good solar flare. This past Tuesday though all the conditions were in our favor. I usually have to pull my husband’s teeth to get out that late at night (we are talking at a minimum heading out the door at 10 p.m. if not later!). He took pity on me though this time I guess since have been on bedrest for quite awhile now and we took the drive north. We were hoping to make it to Talkeetna, but he had to work the next day so we only made it to Big Lake. That was good enough though to be able to see the bright green lights in the sky! It’s definitely a landscape/nature photographer’s dream to be able to photograph this phenomena, which is no easy task. We’ve tried before when we could see minor displays in Anchorage but this was our first major practice session. While we weren’t in the best location, we still had a pretty good showing. I also got to use one of my new Christmas toys too! Daniel got me a blueSLR adapter which arrived just in time for this event! I got to stay in the car pretty toasty and warm while my poor husband got out in the -25 plus degree cold to set up the cameras. Did I mention how much I love my husband and business partner! It took a few practice shots, but we finally got some fairly decent shots for our first time out. Now I am addicted and can’t wait to be able to go out further! Here is one of my favorites so far *Edit* I haven’t had a chance to publish this till tonight and as it turns out there is major activity again this weekend so wish Dan and I luck that we get better shots this time around!


About Photographer Kristie Lent

I am a freelance photographer in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in nature and outdoor photography. I love focusing on flowers and I have recently taken up Macro photography as a new interest.

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  1. Wow Kristie this is stunning – nothing like I´ve ever seen in Iceland 🙂 Love to reed about this. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to follow your blog my friend.

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